The 14th Monsoon Meeting

The 14th Monsoon Meeting (INR Complications Meet) will be held this year in Goa from 17th to 20th August, 2017. The venue will Park Hyatt Resort & Spa in Goa.This year we have over 100 registrations, which is the largest number since our inception. Our invited faculty includes Prof. Jacques Moret, Drs. Gyula Gal, Don Frei, BV Ghodke and Mynzhylky Berdikhojayev.

Day 1: August 17, 2017 - Beginning of XIVth Monsoon meeting. Thank you everyone for joining us this year and year after year.

Meeting as usual began with opening remarks , introduction of attendees and 20 polling questions. Salient observations from the polling include maximum observed growth in Acute Stroke interventions in practice; Uniform willingness of the attendees to participate in pooling their data in “Indian Registeries”. The 20 polling questions were followed by M&M presentations in Carotid Stenting and Acute Stroke Interventions. The learning points during the discussion were about the red flags of hyperperfusion syndrome in Carotid stenting.


The issue of severe extra and intracranial atherosclerotic narrowing in an acute stroke were discussed. The opinion regarding acutely stenting the stenosed carotid were divided. Intracranially there was a suggestion to use detachable solitaire for severe ICAD in Acute stroke.
The MasterSpeak talks for the Stroke Session were extremely educative.
The learning points were :

Day 2: August 18, 2017 - began with the Malformations and Fistulas session. Learning points for the session included :

The Aneurysm session had a few important learning points :

After a fruitful 2nd academic day the dinner was hosted at Martins.

Day 3: August 19, 2017 - began with continuation of Aneurysm presentations and lead to the hot topic “Flow Diverter” session

The course ended with a vote of thanks and gratitude towards the Faculty, appreciation of all participants and thanking the sponsors.